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14 Day Fat Burn Challenge

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14 Day Fat Burn Challenge

Welcome to our intensive 14 day FAT BURN CHALLENGE  training and nutrition program! You're going to work hard for 2 weeks BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program.

Some people will lose 4 to 8lbs during these 2 weeks and a Dress and Waist Sizes!

This is a pretty intense commitment and you are going to need time to allow your body to adjust to the new demands placed upon it. Too often people exercise without setting any time to rest or they rest too much. Leading to injury, constant fatigue, lose motivation due to lack of results or just rest their results away. On this program you will train hard early morning and get the rest of the day and the weekends to yourself to relax and unwind.  

14 DAY FAT BURN CHALLENGE is simple in its brilliance;

  •  You'll come and workout with me and the rest of your team 5 days per week, Mon to Fri 6.00am - 7.00am for 2 weeks (or attend as many sessions as you can!)
  •  Eat the foods a certified nutritionist has outlined for you in the program
  • Take the weekends off to rest, recover and recharge.
  • It's simple actually - just work it, eat it, rest it and the results will come!

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I'm totally against starvation diets. It's actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 14 days. I think you'll actually enjoy it!

Nancy Miles - Body Transformation Coach