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Chloe Manlay

Chloe Manlay

I follow the principles of Jivamukti in my yoga classes with a strong focus on safe alignment and body awareness. As a teacher I am here to guide you through a series of breathing exercises (pranayama), physical postures (asanas), relaxation (savasana) and meditation (dhyāna). My aim is to create and hold space for you to find your own inner teacher and do what is right for you, cultivating inner awareness in a nurturing environment.

Do you have any catch phrases?
Breathe so deeply that your breath is louder than your thoughts - let go...

What do you wear when teaching yoga?
Serious question? Haha, good quality leggings and a good sports bra!

Why Boxercise Bootcamp?
There are so many lovely people, its always a fun upbeat experience teaching here.

What keeps you busy out of class?
Aside from my own yoga practice I am also a qualified nutritionist and love helping cleints with their diet and nutrition.

What qualifications  & experiences do you have?
Having practiced yoga for over 10 years and seeing the invaluable positive effect it had on my body and mind it was the natural step to deepen my practice and embark on a teacher training. This led me to New York where I took the 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training and had the great fortune of studying under the creators of the method David Life and Sharon Gannon. I have completed subsequent trainings in restorative yoga, yoga for Eating Disorders and attended numerous immersions and workshops with leading teachers from all over the world. 

Why did you take up Yoga teaching?
I fell madly in love with the practice of yoga after seeing how it positively impacted on my life. The postures are just the tip of the iceberg.