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Guy Sica

Guy Sica

When did you start Boxercise Bootcamp?
I opened the doors in 2011, I wanted to create a fun community based club that everyone could enjoy regardless of age or fitness level.

What is your training background?
After practising Karate and Kickboxing for many years in Holland I gained my black belt at 17yrs of age and went on to bodybuilding for a number of years before taking time out and deciding the direction I wanted to go.

Why Boxercise?
After moving back to London I gained a lot of weight and experimented with various diets and ways to trim of excess body fat safely but effectively. This took me to Los Angeles where I trained at the world famous Billy Blanks Studio in Tae Bo. After returing to the UK I moved to Brighton and trained as a Boxercise instructor and this kickstarted my passion to regain my fitness, lose all the excess weight and help others to do the same. 

No two Boxercise Bootcamp classes are ever the same, how do you achieve this?!
This is down to the imagination of the very good trainers that work with us! Many people tell us how great they feel while participating in an exercise program, then something happens and they get out of the routine. This is why we make our exercise programmes so varied to prevent overusing specific muscle groups and underusing others but more importantly to prevent boredom setting in and you losing motivation! Because muscles tend to adapt to movements, changing your exercise pattern can rapidly improve your fitness and overall health. 

Do you have a favourite class to teach?
I thought I did but then it keeps changing! Boxercise and TRX Suspension are classes I regularly teach but some of the newer classes we have launched including our large Warrior Workout Circuit and Hiit classes are amazing and great to teach too as the energy is electric!

What do you eat before a high energy class to keep you going?
It has to be porridge with blueberries, almonds, walnuts and raisins. If you come along to one of my hyper enegy classes you will know this is what I ate before!

What are your future plans for Boxercise Bootcamp?
To open more studios in the UK and to explore more locations abroad for our Bootcamps. I also like to give our clients an exciting and fulfilling experience so like to experiment with lots of new exciting classes to challenge and motivate them.