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Lizzy Cole

Lizzy Cole

Hi! I'm Lizzy and I'm the nutritionist here at Boxercise Brighton & Hove.

Good nutrition is the key to good health and has the power to make you feel pretty damn good. However with so many confusing messages in the media and vast amounts of pseudoscience out there, it's important to get guidance from someone who has been through the right training.    
I love learning and am currently studying for my Masters at Kings College London, having trained and taught at the University of Cambridge. 

After trying out a range of diets over the years, I understand the challenges many of us face in the quest to stay healthy. I now follow a balanced, whole food diet that incorporates lots of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein. However, I can't resist a big stack of homemade pancakes on weekends as a treat for getting though a week of studying and yoga! 

I have a passion for all things health and nutrition, and look forward to helping you reach your goals, whether that be weight loss, improving energy levels, or maximising your 'gains' at Boxercise Brighton.