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Nancy Miles

Nancy Miles

Hi, I'm Nancy and I'm a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist! I offer the experience and knowledge to help you train the best possible way for you..whether it's strength training, toning, fat loss, flexibility, rehabilitation, nutrition or simply motivation you want I have the skill set to help YOU! With positivity, encouragement, and understanding, I will show you the best in yourself. I will help you reach your goals, improving the way your body looks, feels, and operates on a daily basis. This will lead you to feeling more confident in yourself and your abilities.

What's your favourite class to teach?
My absolute favourite class would have to be Bootylicious or Bar Belles as I love training specific muscles to help my clients shape and create the best body possible!

Why did you decide to teach at Boxercise Bootcamp?
I have a passion for introducing clients into the world of health and fitness and feel that Boxercise Bootcamp is a great way to spread the word with the high levels of keen fitness enthusiasts that walk through our doors!

Why should you do my classes?
As an investment to help you stay motivated!
To alter your mindset about what you can achieve and what your body is capable of!
To make sure you don’t slack off and make excuses as why NOT to exercise!
To help you lose weight or build muscle, improve your skill set, shape your body or just to develop your all round fitness!

I'm a complete fitness beginner, can I handle the pace?
Without a doubt. Will you be reaching failure? Probably, but the human body is an amazing thing. You might think you're completely exhausted, but that beeper will ring and you're off to a completely new muscle group. Boom!