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Diana Dearle

Diana Dearle

Hi everyone, I'm Diana, Group and Personal Yoga Instructor here at Boxercise Bootcamp.

Yoga has helped me understand and connect with nature’s rhythm and flow both internally and externally. With much gratitude I am constantly learning and changing which I then bring to my teaching.

My classes are open to everyone from a complete beginner to someone that has been practicing for years. Special attention is taken into consideration for the level of each individual and modifications can be made.


What is your teaching background?
I’ve taught for 5 years and currently teach at University of Sussex, Shoreham Chiropractic Center, various fitness centres  and privately too!

Are you a healthy eater?

I eat a plant based diet, try to avoid sugar. Guilty pleasures: coffee, red wine & chocolate !!

A lot of people worry about not being flexible enough to do a yoga class, what are your thoughts on this?

Flexibility comes from stretching and a regular yoga practice. We all have to start somewhere!

Is there a yoga 'etiquette' we should know about before taking a class?

….mobile phones on silent, no socks, a big smile grin