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Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke

How did you get into Fitness?

I started my journey into the fitness industry through my love of all things sport. I played basketball at national league, local and university level whilst at Teesside University, another 3 seasons followed at University of Roehampton. Though I am no longer playing basketball competitively, I have found a new motivation in fitness and teaching which has lead me to go from being a Boxercise Bootcamp member to an instructor.

What do you when you’re not at Boxercise Bootcamp?

When I’m not instructing, I’m training for organised runs such as the Brighton and Amsterdam Marathons. I also enjoy the gym, video games and still watch Basketball and Football.

What is your favourite workout?

My favourite type of workout to do is plyometrics, coming from a football/basketball background; I’ve found it great for working core strength and speed. I also enjoy Yoga, which is good for running recovery and general fitness.

What music gets you going when working out?

I tend to go for Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock, Dance, House, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Soca. Anything that will get me dancing or get the adrenalines going is my kind of music.

What would you say to someone interested in running?

“DO IT!” I think as long as you take your time and run at your own pace you will begin to cover longer and longer distances. When I started running I couldn’t run 3km without getting a stitch and DOMS for days. Just persevere and you will see the rewards and benefits.