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Sharon Smillie

Sharon Smillie

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and qualified as a teacher 8 years ago. I believe in the many benefits of Yoga both physically and mentally. My classes are dynamic, energising and fun. Be prepared to work hard; we will stretch, tone and sculpt your body. Focus on the breath, alignment and calming the mind will all be part of the lesson. Then reap the benefits of your practice when lying in Savasana at the end.

Tell us all about being a Mother and Yoga Teacher!

I took a break from teaching in 2012 to start a family and came back raring to go. It is important to me to have a work life balance and I feel that I am a better mum for keeping fit and encouraging others to do so too.

I'm really impatient and want to lose weight fast, what advice can you give?

I believe in lots of encouragement, setting achievable goals, making a plan that incorporates healthy eating and varied exercise. You will expect to see steady results if you make the commitment to succeed and put in the work.

I can't always be motivated or find the the time to workout, any tips?

Ultimately 'you reap what you sow', nobody can exercise for you. I am a busy mum, run a business and teach yoga and I always make time to exercise. When you integrate this into your life; you will find yourself happier, full of energy and motivated to continue when you see the results.!

What do I love about Boxercise Bootcamp?

I love the clients enthusiasm, friendliness and determination to work hard.