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Simmy Collins

Simmy Collins

I am a fan of trying every type of exercise, after I noticed I enjoy working out so much I gave up my fashion & retail career and started to do what I really love, embracing an active, positive lifestyle. I love outdoor sports like tennis, I cycle most places in Brighton and love having long walks anytime I can. Lately the weather keeps me indoors more than I would like so that I can spend my energy practicing Pilates and learning and improving different techniques. 

Do you have any catch phrases?

So many phrases that I am surprised that my class gets what I am on about. 'Stand upright nice and tall' it is just one of them:) 

What do you wear when teaching classes?

Definitely love having a nice pair of leggings that I can move easily in.

Why have you chosen to work with Boxercise Bootcamp?

It is the best studio in town with the most fun classes and the best members. I am finding myself lucky to be a part of this inspirational team. 

What keeps you busy out of class?

My cat Elliot who is always causing mischief.

Why did you start teaching pilates?

For me everything started with Pilates. As I didn't have core strength to perform how I wanted when exercising or playing sports. Pilates made a dramatic change and transformation to my body and it helped me get fitter in a very short time. After I experienced its amazing benefits  I decided to dedicate 2 years of my life to training and I made a total career change to become a teacher. I feel so lucky to have discovered Pilates and am even more passionate about teaching it and love seeing how much positivity it can bring into everyone's life.