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Stephanie Lamey

Stephanie Lamey

I'm a professional circus performer and fitness instructor! I've been performing professionally for 6 years, I run my own small circus company and I also trained at Circomedia, Bristol, in 2013 specialising in aerial and acrobatics. Health & fitness is a necessary passion of mine to keep in top shape for my demanding circus and dance routines, travelling around the world.


What is your motivation to keeping fit?

I love feeling invicible! I love climbing up things, swinging off them and pushing my body to see whats possible. Training is my secret to a happy and healthy body and mind.

How did you end up in the Circus?

I started as a fire performer at university, I didn't take it seriously until I graduated and decided I didn't want a real job and performing was amazing! Since then I've trained professionally and performed all over the world. I love learning new skills and challenging my body.

Do you have a special diet for training?
Lots of healthy snacks like nuts, homemade protein treats and dark chocolate! I'm always experimenting with recipes to make healthy food interesting and tasty!

What advice would you give to members?
Keep going! no matter how little or often, every step is important and you should be proud of yourself just for turning up to class. Push your limits and you will surprise yourself with what your body can do.

What do you like about Boxercise Bootcamp?
I love the comradery at class. Every one helps to motivate each other to push on through the pain! There is no hiding in class so you've just got to get stuck in and sweat it out together.